Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hottest Game!

According Game Ranking's the most popular game in the world is The Sims 3 (PC). The people you can create in this game can be customized to have a unique personality. The player has the chance to choose five personality trait. For example: bookworm, charismatic, athletic and so on, their is abundant number of traits to choose from.

Another new future added to Sims 3 is the chance to create an appearance that resembles a person from real life, for example George W. Bush. With the chance of choosing everything for the character, (their are no more premade outfits.) With the personality traits that can be choose
George W. Bush can blow up the world. This future also allows you design the furniture starting from the type of fabric used to the color of the furniture. The only thing that can't be designed in Sims 3 is a person with curly hair.

An unfinished future is to be able to build a new neighborhood, the only option their is at the moment is to use a neighborhood from an already created neighborhood from Sims 2.

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